History of a Loved One-Scrapbooking and Pictures


Preserving life for future generations has always been a priority for humans. It’s a way of telling our stories so that the past is part of the future. We preserve and share our letters, our artwork, our photos and our words. Your loved one’s life is important to you and your family. Scrapbooking and photo albums are a great way to chronicle the important events of your loved one’s journey.

Some people prefer actual scrapbooks and photo albums. If you or a family member has a talent for these crafty options, it is a great way to spend time with your loved one. However, if you don’t have the talent, the time or the desire, check with your Delaware Hospice team. We might be able to find a talented volunteer whose specialty is scrapbooking or putting together beautiful keepsake photo albums. We encourage all of the families we care for to find a way to treasure and preserve their loved one’s memory. Visiting this scrapbooks or photo albums help the family begin to heal after the loss of a loved one as they reflect of all of the joy their loved one’s life encompassed.

Online or actual options

There are online options for scrapbooking and photo albums that are either free or low in cost. This is an easy way to preserve memories. You can also share these with other family members. Since some family members may live far away, it is particularly advantageous to use the online versions. People in your “tribe” can make their own contributions to online versions if they want. Both stills and video can be part of this wonderful expose of your loved one’s life. They have an eternal shelf life as long as you have them backed up to an external source.

Some online options are:






Actual scrapbooking and photo albums are wonderful because the allow people to enjoy interacting with their loved one in a way that developing a digital version does not allow. Wading through boxes of photos and sharing photos and stories can provide hours of bonding and laughter.

It is also helpful for patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Working on a chronicle of their lives helps keep memories active in their minds. Besides keeping memories fresh, it helps by providing simple tasks to perform. Since these diseases affect the mind’s ability to remember not just who we are, but how to do things, it gives a patient daily mechanical practice at performing simple tasks like writing, cutting and gluing.

There is a program called Memories to Treasure that has an informative website targeted specifically to caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients. Visit www.memoriestotreasure.com for more information about this program.

Our memories and our histories are precious. Making the time to keep them safe will give your loved one a sense of how important their life is to those they love and to the larger community of all humanity. It takes each tiny grain of sand to make a desert. It takes each drop of water to make an ocean.

Whether you do it yourself, solicit the help of a friend or family member or ask for help from a hospice volunteer, keep you loved one’s history safe and pass it on to others. Happy memory building!











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